Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below is a list of common questions with answers that our users may have. If you cannot find the answer to your question here please feel free to reach out to us through out contact us page.

How do I start or stop the client application?

By default, the client application will launch with system start. If you would like to disable this feature, simply right click the tray icon, and uncheck the autostart option. From this same menu you can choose to close or exit the client application. If you choose to do this, however, in the future you will need to start the client application manually from the systems applications menu.

How do I update the client application?

The client application will automatically download and apply updates if any are available. We do not provide a way to prevent updates as this would pose a security risk to the user’s system as well as out backend servers.

Can I run the client application in the background?

Yes. You can simply minimize it to the tray.

Does participation cost money?

Participation is completely voluntary and we don’t sell you products nor do we sell your personal information. The only possible cost to you is related to running your computer but, since we only ask that your computer be left on and running when it would normally already be in use, this cost should be very small to non-existent.

What system resources on my computer will the client application have access to and utilize?

The client application currently has full access to the CPU, RAM, hard drive, and networking capabilities of the system. This access is isolated to a sandboxed system to prevent the host computer from able to compromise the processing unit and visa versa.

What data is collected from my computer?

Please see our privacy statement for a detailed explanation of what is kept here.

Will there be cookies on my computer?

We do keep cookies on user’s computers to expedite authentication and track data sessions. Please see our privacy statement for a more detailed explanation of what is kept here and our cookies policy here.

How secure is the data going back and forth from my computer through the client application?

All data is encrypted over a secure channel and data stored on the system is encrypted at rest, so it would be very difficult for the data to be compromised.

What if I am running my connection or the client application through a proxy server?

This could potentially prevent the client application from connecting to both our servers as well as the peer-to-peer network.

Can the data coming into my computer get or give a virus?

No. Due to the way the system keeps resources isolated and sandboxed the system cannot infect the data, nor can the data infect the system.

Will I know what data and projects are running on my computer?

No. While a user will be able to expressly allow or forbid projects or categories in a future update, at no time will the user be able to know exactly what data or processing block was executed on their computer due to the sensitive nature of the data and privacy laws surrounding it.

How can I update my information?

You can update your information as well as link other social media authentication systems to your profile here.