BALANCED infuses

Human Intelligence into

BALANCED empowers gaming communities to help solve real-world problems through data science innovation and human intuition.

Through our proprietary technology, we have woven together the joy of play with the reward of problem solving. Time spent enjoying entertainment now becomes time spent unlocking opportunity.

Collaboration Platform

Based upon citizen science, we have created a platform that utilizes crowdsourcing to connect researchers to community and provides a mechanism for them to collaborate.

Distributed Computing

Our proprietary technology, HEWMEN, provides a persistent volunteer grid computing system that our clients can utilize to meet their greatest challenges..

Human-Guided AI

Through gaming, we can unleash Human Intelligence to improve Artificial Intelligence effectiveness and empower Machine Learning.

Discover New Possibilities

The HEWMEN crowd computing platform combines human perception and unstructured problem-solving skills with raw computational power by utilizing volunteer grid computing integrated into interactive entertainment. HEWMEN technology will motivate and empower massive online communities to use the hours they already spend consuming entertainment to crowdsource problems while gamers simply play games. We believe that, by mixing the right amounts of key elements, we have discovered the formula to success.


BALANCED has positioned itself to transform cloud computing by harnessing the collective power of a large and passionate community of gamers and computer users to offer superior cloud services without the infrastructure and overhead typically required to stand such a platform up. It is through this community that our proprietary technology, the first of it’s kind in the world, is able to combine instinctual human perception and problem-solving skills with standard machine learning techniques.

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