Who is BALANCED Media|Technology?

This is who we are...

BALANCED Media | Technology is purpose driven to globally improve health, empower industry innovation, and assist problem solving through cross-disciplinary collaboration using gaming and computer science. BALANCED connects communities of developers, researchers, foundations, and industry in cross disciplinary collaboration allowing them to create tools and techniques never before available. We provide a work environment that is equitable, promoting diversity and merit, rewarding innovation and creativity.

Our Team

Our award-winning team, and decorated advisory group, is dedicated to building innovative products which enlighten, motivate and inspire a new generation of cause-driven individuals spanning the globe, all while empowering industry and medical researchers with revolutionary new methods of crowd-sourcing scientific data to accelerate research into finding cures for diseases and solutions to the world’s most pressing problems. We feel that our combined history in development, research, and sales is not only massive in nature, but uniquely qualifies our team to the task at hand.