Make time spent playing, time spent doing good

Here at BALANCED we put human intuition into computing so communities can work together to solve problems in new and better ways.

Our Platform

HEWMEN is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) crowd computing network that combines human perception and problem-solving skills with raw computational power by utilizing volunteer grid computing integrated into interactive entertainment.  Business and research require management, analysis, and activation of massive amounts of data, yet, most of the 2.5 quintillion bytes generated a day remains unanalyzed and unusable. There is not enough time, money nor easily accessible computing power to sift through the plethora of data that also requires interdisciplinary expertise, which is difficult to coordinate. HEWMEN provides the solution by harnessing unused computing resources via its voluntary grid network while simultaneously tapping into the unmatched power of human intelligence to guide AI. This combined with HEWMEN’s agnostic approach to problems and data provide for general purpose computing while simultaneously allowing for cross-disciplinary innovation from researchers, data scientists, game developers, and programmers. In this manner, HEWMEN offers a new class of software application by integrating distributed computing, human-guided machine learning, and cross disciplinary collaboration in a single seamless environment.