A Little More About Us

Over 25 years ago, BALANCED co-founder, Carl Lapeyrouse had the dream to improve the health of children. Carl saw the oncoming epidemic of childhood obesity, which has since been realized. His goal was to create an “edutainment” tool that would engage kids and teach them of the inner workings of the human body and the role nutrition and exercise played in its support. After working with Christopher Gayle, MD and years of trying to crack the nut of combining entertainment and education, Carl settled upon the idea of a video game as the media for this venture. On February 9, 2013 he pitched his idea to game developer Robert Atkins and the seed for BALANCED was planted. Over the ensuing three years, the BALANCED team was completed with the addition of Corey Clark, PhD, whose data science research aligned perfectly with our video game for health mission, and Scotty Landry, MBA, whose NGO experience complemented our altruistic aspirations.

Our History

Fast forward to a Shreveport coffee shop, where one man introduces two friends over three drinks…
Show Timeline

We Began with a Dream Over Coffee

Carl meets Robert in a Shreveport Coffee Shop and shares his vision of educating the world. At that moment, something amazing was just beginning…and so was our research.

A Question was Answered

Robert meets Dr. Corey Clark, who connects the dots between his Data Science research and Gaming… A powerful shift was felt in the project. Now we could quantifiably define how games will improve health.

We Launch BALANCED Media | Technology

After three years of R&D all of the key pieces & people had finally come together, officially forming BALANCED Media | Technology.

A Vision is Shared

Having formed our core team we began building a prototype for our platform and flagship products. After multiple pitches to doctors, educators, scientists, gamers, creators and investors, we realized that the feedback we kept receiving consistently validated our vision.

Our Concepts are Proven

We launched a POC to prove out the game cycle and demonstrate how fun our game would be, and we launch a POC tp prove out the distributed human AI integration platform, and both were not only successful, but well received.

Innovation is Key

The first public test run for our product was an Innovate McKinney award winner.

A New Visualization for Data

Working with SMU “Cancer Drug Discovery Group”, we helped bring new tools & cross disciplinary approaches to large data problems, utilizing our innovative & proprietary “Human Guided AI Design” for the first time.

Partnerships Flourish

After a partnership with the LSU-Health Science Center was signed we began collaborating with key LSU personnel to create noninvasive treatments, tools, & innovative experiences for both patients & researchers alike on the backbone of our platform.

Validation of Our Balanced Approach

We began funding research, publishing papers, and spoke at multiple events and conferences. At every turn our approach was challenged, tested, & validated by our peers in various academic communities as well as commercial distribution channels. After several peer reviews supported our theory we filed for a series of patents.

Mining for Help

We engaged the active and vibrant Minecraft and online streaming communities, whose leaders, users, and players immediately embraced the vision of our mission. When gamers play and streamers broadcast, their computers are connected to the community, helping researchers unlock some of the most compelling opportunities of our generation.

Putting Ourselves Out There

We successfully launch our alpha platform at a large streaming event. No turning back now, the product is out in the wild!

To Infinity... AND BEYOND!

As we continue to push forward with the development of our innovative platform and engaging IPs, we have caught the attention of several large corporate partners. Our core mission, however, remains the same:

To serve the community through cause-driven initiatives that engage and innovate technology and healthcare research around the world.

“To raise new questions, new possibilities, to regard old problems from a new angle, requires creative imagination...”

– Albert Einstein