Our proprietary platform technology is the first in the world to combine instinctual human perception and problem-solving skills with standard machine learning techniques.

Community as a Service

Our collaborative computing platform calls on the socially-driven gaming community to “play out the problem” through specially-designed game interfaces embedded with real world data. Gamers play with purpose to the benefit of all.


Gamers are one of the fastest growing demographics in the world, and by connecting those gamers to our platform, not only can we create a vast crowd computing platform to tap into, but we can also utilize their ability to solve problems that computers still struggle with.


Researchers are able to utilize super-computer levels of processing power at a fraction of the cost, but more importantly, we can help gamify difficult data problems, and brings solutions to bear faster and more effectively.


Our platform allows for developers and content creators to tie into our ecosystem through their own products, and find new revenue generating vehicles with little effort or change to their products.


We have partnered with key influencers in the streaming and gaming community to grow our install base, but to also provide a meaningful income stream for them, one that matches their own beliefs and values.


We have partnered with several foundations to bring our vision to a larger audience. See some of them below.


At our core, we fundamentally believe that helping children fight and deal with illness is the most humane thing we can do. To that end, our games seek to empower those kids with the ability to visualize and tackle the illness they face.

Some of our


We have aligned with several community partners, streamers, foundations, medical researchers, and universities to fulfill our mission.


Our Inspiration

Here are some leaders and projects that we respect and inspire us.