Shannon Dees

“Video games and art are Shannon’s passion.”
Shannon started drawing at an early age back in that bygone era of strange things, the early 80’s. He fell in love with video games and set his sights on becoming a graphic artist.

Shannon has worked on and shipped 34+ games throughout his 20 year career and has had the great fortune to work on many successful games and franchises alongside other talented and devoted friends. Shannon has worn many hats throughout his career as a graphic artist: he has Art Directed and managed games on consoles, PCs, and mobile as well as founding and running game studios. Shannon also severed as an Adjunct Professor at SMU Guildhall, teaching art creation for video games and sharing his extensive career experiences.

Shannon loves to bring joy, delight and unexpected experiences to people. Shannon couldn’t be more excited about the future of Balanced Media Technology and the positive impact games can have on people’s lives.